Spa Services

With Microdermabrasion the skin’s surface is disrupted, cell division occurs which stimulates fibroblast activity leading to collagen production. Human skin sloughs off at a slower rate with age, so proponents of the technique claim the exfoliation of several layers of the stratum corneum can lead to generally more youthful looking skin.

Microdermabrasion may be performed to decrease the appearance of superficial hyper pigmentation, photo-damage, diminish fine lines, wrinkles, and shallow acne scars. Removing the dead skin will aid in the penetration of skin care products by up to 50% and make-up will go on much more smoothly. Microdermabrasion is a non-surgical, non-chemical, non-invasive method of skin resurfacing. Microdermabrasion has evolved from rocks, stones and shells to crystals, particle-free diamond tips and particle-free bristle tips. The popular, preferred method of mechanical exfoliation is particle-free over crystals. Microdermabrasion buffs the skin of fine lines and pigmentation while refining the texture and hue. Repeated treatments yield excellent results for scar revision whether for acne, chicken pox or surgery and addressing deeper discoloration, melanosis and tattoo reduction. Although there are small immediate results, by the third or fourth treatment there is a clear positive improvement in the appearance of the skin.

Combining Ultrasonic Microdermabrasion and Cold Laser in a treatment will progressively enhance the skin luster and youthful appearance. The Microdermabrasion action is carried out by a sapphire plate of corundum, a valued semi-precious stone. The corundum gently pulsates to remove dead skin cells so the new, fresh skin may appear.

Cold Laser Facials

A Laser Therapy that uses healing laser light to stimulate biological processes below the skin surface. Just as plants use sunlight to photosynthesize carbohydrates in their cells. Cold Laser light stimulates the formation and release of our body’s own healing chemical compounds. In laser therapy, the infrared laser energy has a stimulating effect on tissues by increasing cellular energy.

Cold Laser stimulates the production of collagen, as well as stimulating lymphatic flow which helps to eliminate toxins and excess fluids for the tissues. Studies have shown that the diameter of lymph vessels and lymph flow rates can be doubled with the use of Cold Laser therapy. By increasing the activity of fibroblasts in the connective tissue, collagen is produced, aiding the repair process and stimulating proper tissue granulation to heal inflamed tissues. Low level laser therapy that works in harmony with the body’s own healing and pain relieving mechanisms. There are no harmful side effects from this type of laser therapy.

Anti-Aging Facial: This facial is addictive! See a visible difference in 1 hour, notice your fine lines and wrinkles reducing while tightening and lifting your face and eyes. Watch dark circles and eye bags disappear. You can take years off your age, and look more radiant. This facial is truly amazing!

Acne Facial: For those who suffer from oily skin and blemishes, this facial will correct your skin condition and make your skin normal. Pustule Acne will calm within a few days of treatment.

Rosacea Facial: Get rid of unsightly facial veins, and reduce reddened and sensitive skin. This facial balances the bacteria levels on the skin, leaving it radiant and healthy looking.



Laser Pens used in Cold Laser Facials:

Single Beam Laser Pens

Blue: Penetration Depth 4-6mm, targets Acne, Eye Bags, Anti-Aging, Sun Damage and Lip Plumping.

Green: Penetration Depth 6-8mm, targets Pain and Stiff Joint Management, Helps with Healing Scars and Wounds, Treating Age Spots and Reducing Broken Capillaries.

Red: Penetration Depth 8-10mm, targets Wrinkles and Fine Lines, Breast Plumping, Body Firming, Rosacea, Psoriasis, Ezema, Hair Reduction, Alopecia and Dark Circles.


Specialty Masques

Collagen Application Treatments:

Caviar Collagen Masque

Collagen fleeces enriched with Caviar, stimulates biological cell growth, smoothes fine lines & wrinkles, creates skin firmness and balances moisture loss.

Aloe Vera Collagen Masque

Collagen fleeces enriched with Aloe Vera. Suitable for all skin types, particularly for sun damaged or irritated skin.
Dermo-Relax Collagen Masque
Collagen fleeces enriched with Dermo-Relax. Diminishes mimic wrinkles, smoothes impression lines, relaxes facial features, and balances moisture loss. Good for mature skin and fighting sun damaged spots.

Ginkgo Biloba Collagen Masque

Collagen fleeces enriched with Gingko Biloba. Gingko Biloba is suitable for all skin types. Good for mature, fatigued and vascular damaged skin.

Physio/ Alignate Marine Masque:

Skin Regeneration Mask:

A reviving cryogenic Thalasso-treatment based on alginates. This mask is enriched with spirulina micro algae extract and menthol. Enriched with of high grade proteins and amino acids, especially Vitamin A – makes it a source of beauty. Menthol gives this mask its stimulating cryogenic effect. Highly recommended for clients

Age Control Vital C:

An Anti-Aging Mask based on alginate. This mask is enriched with Vitamin C and Acerola extract. Vitamins in skincare are a great contribution to the vitality and youthfulness of your skin. Vitamin C strengthens the immune defence of the skin considerably and so preserves its natural structure and cellular damage is prevented.

Caviar Balance Complex:

An exclusive Thalasso treatment on alginate basis. The formula supplies vital nutrients, vitamins, and minerals to the skin. The skin’s most critical metabolic processes and repair functions are enhanced, while the skin regains its natural balance. The visible results is a refined, vitalized and healthier looking skin

Freeze Dried Pure Collagen Masks:

Caviar Masque

Collagen fleeces enriched with Caviar, stimulates biological cell growth, smoothes fine lines & wrinkles, creates skin firmness and balances moisture loss.

Aloe Vera Masque

Collagen fleeces enriched with Aloe Vera. Suitable for all skin types, particularly for sun damaged or irritated skin.

Dermo-Relax Masque

Collagen fleeces enriched with Dermo-Relax. Diminishes mimic wrinkles, smoothes impression lines, relaxes facial features, and balances moisture loss. Good for mature skin and fighting sun damaged spots.

Ginkgo Biloba Masque

Collagen fleeces enriched with Gingko Biloba. Gingko Biloba is suitable for all skin types. Good for mature, fatigued and vascular damaged skin.

Other Specialty Masques:

Silk Treatment

Silk extract has a high affinity to keratin, it coats the skin with a transparent, imperceptible protective film that minimizes water loss and helps sensitive skin protect itself from outer impacts. Derived from plant based collagen which refines the skin giving it a very smooth silky feeling. Ideal for treating irritated and strained skin or skin lacking moisture.

Champagne, Caviar & Sapphire Treatment

Antioxidants found in champagne are believed to help avoid cell death due to oxidative stress. Also found in champagne are types of phenolic compounds, such as tyrosol and caffeic acid. These compounds help to normalize the cells responses to injuries with anti-inflammatory attributes, they also act as cellular-level mops, essentially cleaning up and removing hazardous chemicals from the body. Caviar is beneficial to the skin because of its deeply effective properties loaded with proteins, vitamins, and minerals. It will improve elasticity and firmness in your skin, restore radiance, deeply moisturize, smoothen, and fill fine lines instantly.

Cocoon Stem Cell Treatment

This facial masque is ideal for the winter season, or aging and de-hydrated skin. It is designed to intensify, and infuse the Dr. Belter stem cell ampoule, which is a blend of unique plant extracts that gives exceptional nourishing properties, directly into the skin. Stem cells are molecules very similar to human skin cells and can be readily absorbed into the epidermis. These cells help stimulate cell renewal, enhance skin cell longevity, and protect the skin’s stem cells from the signs of aging and stress thus decreasing wrinkles, and producing younger, fresher looking skin. The masque also increases body temperature resulting in healthy blood circulation and lymphatic flow, and optimal stem cell product absorption into the skin.

Acai MonavieTreatment

Each of MonaVie’s health minded products feature an exclusive blend of the Brazilian acai berry, one of nature’s top super foods, and 18 other body-beneficial fruits. The acai berry can nourish the skin and improve skin tone. It is a natural product and improves the body’s ability to heal itself by removing harmful free radicals in the body. Acai extract contains phytoserols, which are known to protect collagen and increase the skin’s moisture. Collagen is necessary to provide structural support to the skin and acai supplements can help in the formation of new collagen. They also contain flavonoids to fight inflammation and preserve the skin. In addition to antioxidants, the acai berry contains phytonutrients and vitamins for proper skin regeneration.

Eye Lift & Lip Plumping Treatment

The natural aging processes start to clearly show around the eyes and upper lip area at an early stage, therefore; it is very important to protect and care for this delicate tissue. Many compounding factors such as environmental pollution, dry air from central heating, air conditioning systems, excess sun radiation, and insufficient sleep etc, all have negative influences on our bodies. Dr. Belters cleansing products are feather-soft, and as gentle as a breath of air. They are relaxing and soothing and excellent at smoothing out fine lines and wrinkles. They contain no oils and restore a radiant complexion to the eye and lip area. Used with the Cold Laser the Eye lifting and Lip Plumping treatment has immediate results:

  • Soothing and refreshing
  • Calming
  • Anti-Aging, the smoothing of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Plumping of the lower & upper lip restores a more defined enhance look
  • Immediate youthful looking lips and eyes


PearlSmile iBrite Teeth Whitening

Results in 30 minutes with average shades of 4-8 brighter. Patients experience less sensitivity than those treated with the red gel system. System heralded for its low sensitivity characteristics. Enhanced formulas for a better white.

The proprietary formula incorporates Amorphous Calcium Phosphate technology and Hydrogen Peroxide. Combines a new light activated chemistry designed for superior results yielding lower sensitivity and less fade back. An easier and more convenient system. Cool light advanced optical alignment system ensures quick and precise patient set-up for optimal results.

The initiation occurs through the application of cool light which emits monochromatic light at the specific wave length, which is absorbed by catalyst molecules through accelerating the release of an activated bleaching agent.

Hydrogen peroxide breaks down to water and free oxygen radical. The free radicals chemically reduce larger organic-pigmented molecules in the enamel matrix into smaller, less pigmented constituents by rapid oxidation. These compounds have double bonds and long carbon chains that are subsequently reduced to smaller carbon chains and hydroxyl groups, which eliminate discolouration.

Hydrogen peroxide, the most accepted active ingredient for in-office bleaching, does not decompose readily which is why traditional bleaching procedures require lengthy visits.

Ionic Footbath

Ionic Cleanse Benefits helps to assist in eliminating toxins and restoring the body’s vitality against environmental pollutants by eliminating chemicals taken in from one’s diet (particularly from processed foods and meat), medications and any other harmful agents.

  • Positive effect on weight loss(assists in weight loss)
  • Headache relief
  • Slows down aging process and improves body flexibility
  • Rejuvenates and energizes the entire body
  • Increases energy levels
  • Enhances nutrient absorption
  • Improves the body’s digestion and ability to naturally remove toxins
  • Promote metabolism and blood circulation
  • Helps relieve pain and muscular tension
  • Improves sleep patterns
  • Immune system booster
  • Overall helps to re-energize and rebalance the body and mind

Colour of Water & Particulate After Cleansing & Toxin Removal

Water Colour Toxin Accumulated area / Conditions
Black Liver, Alcohol, Asthma, Heavy Metals
Grey Heavy Metals
Brown Liver, Tobacco, Fat waste, cellular debris
Green Kidneys, Bladder, Urinary system, illness
Red Thrombus accumulation, easily bruised
Orange Arthritis, rheumatism, gout, (joints)
White Lymph system, insomnia, skin allergy (usually with Bubbles)
White with Particulate Ferment Flatulence, candida, headache, dream – disturbed sleep

Colour changes in the water are just like a partial indicator of the toxins that are leaving the body. The unseen microscopic effects are much more profound.

Far Infrared Sauna

And infrared sauna uses infrared heaters to emit infrared radiant heat which is then
absorbed directly into the body. Other saunas heat the body indirectly via air or steam.

Some of the Benefits:

  • Stimulates the lymphatic system
  • Eliminates toxins
  • Rejuvenates the skin
  • Stimulates Lymphatic system which detoxifies toxins from one’s system.
  • Improves skin condition (Rejuvenation).
  • Relieves Chronic Joint Pain
  • Can burn up to 1200 cal/hr.
  • Water weight loss and inch loss.
  • Improves sleep and helps prevent Insomnia.
  • Reduces Stress.

Unlimited Whole Body Vibration

Whole-body vibration platforms enable the user to train various skeletal muscles, and trigger other body reactions. The effects are used in sports, fitness, aesthetics, rehabilitation and medical therapies. Effects include: muscle strength and toning, cellulite reduction, improved bone density, heightened secretion of hormones associated with exercise, and depressed response of hormones associated with stress.

As apparent from its name, in WBV, the entire body is exposed to vibration, as opposed to local vibration (Biomechanical Stimulation, BMS), where an isolated muscle or muscle group is stimulated by the use of a vibration device. Whole body vibration is implemented through the use of a vibrating platform on which static poses are held or dynamic exercises can be performed depending on the type and force of the machine. The vibrations generated by motors underneath the platform are transmitted to the person on the machine. The intensity, defined by the parameters frequency, amplitude, magnitude (light vibration versus heavy vibration) and the direction of these vibrations are essential for their effect.

Unlimited Stand-Up Tanning

There are many benefits of Stand-Up Tanning, however; the main benefits are the tan itself, as well as the feeling of well being that comes from tanning.

Produces melanin in the outer layers of skin which is the body’s natural defence mechanism – Melanin protects the skin from burning.
Tanning research reveals that exposure to UV light reduces chances of carcinoma of the Lymph Nodes.

Exposure to UV Light produces and processes Vitamin D in your body. Vitamin D helps keep your bones, teeth, and joints healthy.
Research from the Harvard Medical School determined that exposure to UVA light can result in a significant rise in endorphin levels. Endorphins are natural opiates produced in the brain that are characterized by a feeling of well-being and a rush of energy. The pineal gland, located in the center of the brain, coordinates most of our life-sustaining functions based on the light information it receives. These light cues affect growth and development, body temperature, blood cell count, fertility and the immune system.

Daily exposure to light also resets the circadian system, and the body’s internal clock. This system is responsible for moods, appetite, energy levels, behavior, sexual desire, and productivity.


Ear Candling

If you could also remove the first paragraph in Ear Candling and add this instead
Ear Candling is an ancient healing art started in Biblical times by Egyptian, Oriental and European Cultures. Originally hollow reeds were used. Presently, specially prepared hollow candles are used. Choose from a wide selection such as Lemon, Grapefruit, Tree Tea, Eucalyptus, Beeswax and Paraffin.

One end of a cylinder or cone of waxed cloth is lit, and the other placed into the subject’s ear. The flame is cut back occasionally with scissors and extinguished between 5 and 10 centimeters (2-4 inches) from the subject.
The subject is lying on one side with the treated ear uppermost and the candle vertical. To perform ear candling involves the subject lying on their side with the ear candle extending out to the side with a 45 degree upward slant. A dish of water is placed next to the subject under the ear candle. The flame creates a negative pressure, drawing wax and debris out of the ear canal,[4] which appears as a dark residue .An ear candling session can last from 15 minutes to 45 minutes, during which time a series of one or two ear candles may be burned for each ear.

This treatment consists of placing an herbal hollow cone gently into the ear canal and the outer end is then lit by fire; which creates a stimulating, soothing, warming effect to the tissue in and around the ear.

Our ears have many crevices where material can build up and the ear debris accumulates and impacts over the years.

The flame creates a gentle warm air vacuum in the auditory canal that melts the lodged waxes and draws out old wax and debris.

This treatment is known to help:

  • sinus congestion
  • plugged ears and ear aches
  • wax buildup
  • hearing difficulties
  • pain and pressure when flying

Is Ear Candling Necessary?

Ear wax has a protective role. It cleans and lubricates the ear, and can protect the ear canal from bacteria and fungus. The ear has a self-cleaning system that naturally removes ear wax. Most people do not require additional cleaning. However, a breakdown in this self-cleaning system can cause a condition known as cerumen impaction.
Cerumen impaction affects about 6% of the population and can cause reversible hearing loss, dizziness, and ringing in the ears.

Ear candling should not be done to people who have ear tubes, perforated ear drums, or artificial ear drums. Ear candlers will use an otoscope to examine their client’s ears before and after the session.


Zen Shiatsu

Zen Shiatsu is a Japanese form of bodywork that is based in Traditional and Classical Chinese Medicine. It is dynamic in its movements and application and very effective in its ability to bring balance and harmony to the energy flows in the body.

A Zen Shiatsu practitioner palpitates the energy flow in the body called meridians to determine what meridians need attention and support. The practitioner then uses fingers, hands, elbows and knees in a penetration technique along with stretches to open, balance and harmonize the meridians, resulting in physical, physiological, emotional, mental and spiritual healing


Get rid of your stress TODAY! Experience an elevating sense of body lightness while being stimulated by various techniques of caring touches, designed to bring you in the moment of “right now”


A Japanese stress reduction and relaxation technique that promotes healing. It is administered by “lying on the hands” and is based on the idea that an unseen “life force energy” flows through us and makes us live. If our “life force energy” is low, we’re more likely to get sick or stressed; if it’s high, we’re more capable of being happy and healthy

Back, Neck and Shoulder

A lunch hour treatment. Don’t compromise your appetite! Come in and feed your body with a complete release of stress from life and/or work. It’s time to make your lunch hour your most relaxing time.

Hand & Foot Reflexology

Reflexology is the technique of applying pressure to specific reflex points on the hands and feet to stimulate the body’s own healing powers. Hand and foot sequences boost health and reduce stress.

Volcanic Hot Stone Massage

A Hot Stone Massage is a massage that uses smooth, flat and heated rocks placed at key points on the body. The rocks used in a Hot Stone Massage are basalt, which have high heat retention qualities. Stones are placed in water and heated to approximately 52C before placement on the body.

The stone are place on specific points on the back, but can be placed in other places such as between the toes, or in the palms of the hands. The heat of the rocks causes muscles to relax, thus allowing the therapist to apply deeper, more precise pressure if desired or necessary

Cellulite Treatment

Dissolves fats cells and removes unsightly cellulite from your thighs and/or abdomen. This includes an Osmosis detoxification slimming mask and Microdermabrasion

John Masters Organics Facials

Certified organic ingredients steam distilled essential oils natural preservatives.

No parabens, No animal testing, Made in USA

Aroma Relaxing Facial:

Driven by nature and all its six senses, this facial is designed to clean the dermis, while relaxing your facial and body muscles. Using the correctly matched essential oils and aroma for your bodies needs

John Master Facial:

Using the delicious John Master Organics range, this facial is customized to your specific skin type. Treatment includes cleanse, exfoliation, aromatic steamed towels, extractions ( if required), scalp, neck & shoulder massage whilst you relax with a customized organic face masque. After the treatment is completed the correct moisturizers and sun protection is applied.